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This is a game for three to twelve players.


To play burro, you must take as many sets of four cards of the same value from the full pack as there are players. For example, if there are three people playing, you can select the four Aces, four Threes and four Kings.


First all the cards are shuffled and dealt out one by one so that each player has four cards. The aim is to get four cards of the same value, exchanging them with the other players as follows: each player places one of his/her cards face down and counts to three and then each player gives his/her card to the player to his/her right and is given a card from the player on his/her left and so on until the end.

When a player gets the four cards of the same number, he places his/her hand in the centre of the table and shouts burro! Immediately afterwards, the other players place their hands over the hand of the winner and the loser is the last player to place his/her hand on the pile. If two or several players collect the four cards at the same time, it does not matter who is the first to say burro. What matters is who loses.

The loser writes down a letter of the word burro in order until the word is completed. The first to complete the word loses the game and so on until only two players are remaining. The winner is the player with the least number of letters of the word burro. If they have the same number of letters, it is a draw.


Some players believe bluffing to be an art and use it to win their opponents. It consists of placing your hand in the centre of the table and shouting anything in order to confuse your opponents and make them place their hands in the centre. All players to place their hands in the centre in this case must add one letter. If nobody places their hand in the centre, the player to have bluffed must add one letter.