The card game LA TRACA

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The new card game of the Catalan TRADITIONAL FESTIVAL.


The biggest festivities has arrived and, in the town, we are going to roll it fat. We are visited by the "devils", the sardanista couplet, the "bastonaires", the "capgrossos", the giants, the “castellers” ... many of the most important elements of the traditional Catalan festival will accompany us these days in town.

The game is divided into eight suits or colors and each of them refers to a group of Catalan festive bestiary figures. Currently, in our country, there are a lot of these figures and in many of our towns there are groups of bearers who take them out to dance in the village parties, meetings, festivals. Some of these images end up being a very important representative element of their respective reference towns (Patum de Berga, Dragon de Solsona, Águila de Barcelona ...).

Given the impossibility of reducing or simplifying the current variety and richness of Catalan festive beasts for this card game (we had to choose eight groups at most), we have circumscribed ourselves to the historical or classic groups: Eagles, Lions, Caballitos, Mulas, Toros , Dragons, "Vibrias" and "Cucaferes" (numbers 5 and 6 of each suit).

The game of the TRACA is based on the gradation of warm and cold colors and the numbering of the cards. It is a fun game to play at home, with family or friends.

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